The Heartfelt

1. Craving for love

I know you for long, So now that I feel

We shouldn't just be friends

You see me smile, You make me smile

You make my smile, my love

Your body bears the weight of my heart

And also the weight of my tears

I want to hold your beautiful hands

and walk down the glittery aisle

So tell me now how I am

Not through tongue but by heart

You my world, You blur my eyes

You fill my heart with life

Can't you be mine for this life?

                                                - Pingu

2. Lovely Classmate

He was my classmate at first

then became a friend 

Then one day became the best 

to feel and share everything

One day I decided to share 

my heart with him to the end

I locked his hand with that of mine

with the fear of losing him

He locked his hand around my back

to lower my racing beats 

He is loving, He is caring, He is all I need 

With him be me forever to the end

His smile makes mine everything