Memento Mori

I walk into a graveyard 

and hear sounds of people murmuring

The more I walk, the louder it gets 

I can hear soothing music,

and a yellow light in the distance. 


Que sera sera 

the music gets louder, 

A couple more steps and it will unravel itself,

Behind one of the larger tombstone's

a bonfire is lit ,

Skeleton's toasting to their lives. 


I join them for a drink 

and we talk all night about their lives.

Lives of people lived, 

Lives of people gone by,

And that of people they loved. 


We talked about the fears that stopped them

and the choices they never made.

We talked  about the words they never said 

And the words they wished they had said. 

and we reminisced about the times we wished to relive, 

and the times we would never get back. 


The night was long but soon I dozed off.

When daylight hit, only I was there,

The tombstone lay silent.

Engraved on it in big bold letters, it said

'Memento Mori'