I Like Watching T.V.

Raised in front of a TV,
Watched Dragon Tales, Dragon Ball
I can even mimic characters with severity
Still, I like shows, I watched them all.

I remember watching cartoons,
While I heard shouts...
Of them fighting in the other room,
Never got up to know what it was about.

I would turn the volume up.
Hoping it would end soon,
So I repeated the dialogues,
I tried to act, to feel the hub
The host of characters is oh so loon,
At least they were not hiding in a room...

T.V. is much clearer,
Their problems are solvable,
The characters are smarter,
They act even though they could be coward-able.

Maybe I can run away,
Maybe I don't need to stay
I have bad thoughts, about how to sway.
I am scared, can I hide, is there a way?
Maybe I can find one,
In the characters I honed,
Are they gone?
Is it silent, am I alone?

No, it's not!

It's too much,
The noise kills me,
When will it end?
It is dreary.
I don't have a TV,
I can't remember the characters,
I forgot the lines,
So, I close my ears.
Close them shut.
And I sit,
Crying in a corner.