Alone Together

Why are you always silent?

Why don't you make new friends?

Why don't you laugh with everyone?

Why are you always alone?

And every day you lament,

Your loneliness.

Moments you want to share with someone,

You look around to find no one.


You are wrong!


One day while cursing my luck,

Sad that no one can understand my pain.

I found someone that does, but he equally sucks,

He is like me, been through things that were same.

I found that I can understand myself,

And I was alone together.


The hardest part was to like him,

For he was just as scared as I was.

Crying in the corner of a room with lights dim,

So, I made staying strong my clause.

To protect him from the pain he felt,

The suffering he goes through every day.

But it's okay,

For he has someone that understands him,

And he is alone together.


I am not silent,

I love talking with him.

We have long arguments,

And I let him win.


I have friends,

But he is the dearest.

I laugh,

But with him it's the clearest.


We crack jokes, we get sad, we fight

And there seems no end in sight,

Cos I have realized

That even if everyone leaves,

Till my last leaf falls.

Loneliness would never seep,

Cos I have someone I can call.

For we have found each other,

And we are alone together.