Time Will Come For You!


Smiling like a crescent moon,

Enjoying, it will be over soon,

Shhhh, listen, it looms

Waiting for your doom.


What? Ghosts aren't real.

But something else is more cruel.


Don’t worry, time will come for you!


The smartest, the strongest, the fastest.

No one escaped, could not best

The fate that awaits,

People wanna for....its aight!!


What, being forgotten doesn't scare you,

No one will remember, how you flew.

Buried in the sands,

Gasping for a hand.

Aren't you scared to find

No one to hold it. 


People hold life dearly, 

But what can I do?

I have lost my way clearly, 

Getting forgotten? People already have no clue. 

About me, who I am, what dreams I lost, 

Getting forgotten won't hurt the most. 

For what hurts is giving scars, 

To the people who cared

About your ambitions

To the people whose hearts broke

I am already in submission, 

Can't be bothered or stroke. 

But a smile comes on my face

Seeing the forgettability of my fallen grace


But it's fine, 

I have learned to live in the moment. 

Thinking about tomorrow is a crime, 

If you know darkness laments

But light is around, 

So stop making a sound. 

And observe

The beauty of the universe. 


The being laughs,


The story is not even half,

Don't be so silly.

For time has a habit of coming,

When you are having fun.

Go, find a point brimming

With hope sitting under the sun.

Smiling like the crescent moon,

Don't worry, it will get over soon,

SILENCE... for it looms

Bringing you your doom.

You ask who?

Don't worry time will come for you.