The Debacle Of Life




Nothing you do matters. It may be hard to hear and harder to understand for our simplistic minds, but in fact not a single thing we do matters to ‘The Big Guy’.

The grand illusion and misconception we as humans have created is that God cares one way or other what you do. 


But as it happens to be, There is no hell or heaven, there is no punishment for the bad deeds, believe me Satan isn’t waiting to put you in your own purgatory and there are certainly no rewards for your greatness. 

In simpler words, there is no right and wrong, and if there is who would decide?  Elon Musk? Narendra Modi? God? Or maybe me? 

Hear me out, God is only the observer, not the creator. The ultimate creator of your life is you, how anticlimactic it must be to know that all these years it was just YOU, and you’ve just been scrolling reels on Instagram. 



Now the master key to it all is, "Living in the moment", being mindfully present here and now. It may sound cliche and simple, but in practice I’ve learnt its just as complicated.

Notice how often your mind wanders off, plays it’s tricks on you, keeps you distracted and out of loop. So be Mindful.

If you’re having an ice-cream savour every single bite. If you find yourself on a snowy mountain top bring out your inner Bollywood actor. If you’re happy smile through your teeth. Don’t be apologetic. 


This moment is all you get, go wild!