Stopping By Netflix On A Lousy Night

Whose account is this I think I know,

He’s probably a friend of a friend of a friend I dunno;

He will not catch me binging here,

Sitcoms, Thrillers and Reality Shows.


My nice lil friend must think it’s weird.

‘Too many people are using your account at the moment’, he scratched his beard,

Someone watching Breaking Bad, someone fawning over Amy and Jake,

Then there’s some weirdo watching Too Hot To Handle, “This is too much to take!”


He gives all his friends a call,

“Get off my account, screw you all!”

The freeloaders chuckle shamelessly,

“One last time bro! Finale episode of Better call Saul!”


The night is lovely, dark and deep,

But I have promises to keep,

One full season before I sleep,

One full season before I sleep.



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