A Letter By God

Dear humans,


How are you? I am fine. I hope you guys are also doing



This letter is to request you guys to stop bothering me. It is true that I

created the universe and framed the natural laws but I am not

responsible for what’s happening. I created a system where a

single-celled organism can act out of its own free will but I didn’t expect it

to evolve into something like you guys. Though my system works fine,

you can evolve and expand out of your own free will without my

interference. It is not up to me to decide who’ll be rich, who’ll be poor,

who’ll be successful. It is completely up to you guys. And please stop

fighting over me on Twitter (ugh.. I can’t open my Twitter with all those

mentions in my notifications). Don’t you guys realize fighting over me or

even arguing won’t add any value to your life. You guys are doing this

just to add meaning to your lives, right? So here it is, your life is

meaningful and you don’t need me to add meaning to it.

Coming to religions, I didn’t ask you guys to worship me and bother me

with everything happening with you. That would be the last thing I

wanted. Atheists are much better than you guys, they don’t need me and

can take care of themselves. So fellas, try to become mentally stronger

and take responsibility for your lives. You don’t need me. So, stop all

these ongoing wars and try to establish peace and harmony. Also, I get it

that you guys aren’t humans yet, that you are trying so hard to become a

peaceful community of organisms living with peaceful coexistence. But

this can’t be possible if you select stupid, selfish animals as your leaders

who again bother me with all your problems and try to fool and rule you.

To those people who accuse me of not doing anything during times of

war, I don't have that power. As I said before, I created a system

independent of my interference, so you see I can’t do much about it

though I do as much as I can as these things or complexes exist only in

your heads that I have no control over. These people are mostly


religious, at least that’s what they show on BBC and CNN. Even I don’t

know whether these followers believe in me or only have the thirst for

power. To be honest, even I am shocked by their dumbness at certain

times. So if you can please take care of yourselves and stop bothering

me with all your problems, wishes, and desires. So I’ll peacefully Netflix

and chill.

Yours lovingly,


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