Ugh!! Grammarly

Am I really starting a blog like this? Yes, Yes I am! So, you guys know how we have to open Google Docs to start writing down our ideas? I did the same, but then I had this sudden urge to write this blog using pen and paper. I, Niharika, sinned of leaving Grammarly behind. And now I am facing the consequences. What consequences, you ask? Well, of course, nothing is going to autocorrect my silly mistakes now. The Editorial Head will undoubtedly get a headache after reading this. But do I regret it? No, I don't.


When I picked up my pen to write the idea down, I felt a sudden wave of nostalgia. I felt happier and more lively while writing. Writing, or if I may say typing, on Grammarly or Google Docs always felt like typing a formal essay or paragraph for a school examination. Grammarly has changed my writing style a lot and not just mine but, it has changed many other people's styles too. I was talking to this friend of mine, who told me how much her writing skills were getting affected because of Grammarly. When I asked her exactly how, she replies,


"Now I am totally dependent on Grammarly for my mistakes, whether it's a grammatical or a spelling mistake. And sometimes, I even had to change a whole damn paragraph just to correct a passive voice misuse error. This really limits my capacity for writing a nice piece without overthinking about every single line and word."


Those words of hers really hit me hard because of how relatable they were. I literally have to change every single line of mine while I am writing using Grammarly. Something which I can write in an hour or so takes me a day or two when I use Grammarly. So, I decided to actually write down this blog of mine and reread it 100 times to check for my own mistakes. 


Now, after reading almost 300 words, you guys must be wondering- what was the point of writing all that? Well, nothing. This was just my little rant about Grammarly and how it can be very annoying sometimes. But, hey, at least it saves me from the embarrassment because me being me has to make some silly mistakes here and there. And if you all are wondering whether I ran this piece through Grammarly? Yes, I did. I don't want the Editorial Head to scold me after reading this sh*tty piece.