We have often heard the saying that we mustn’t let our inner monsters rule us. But have we ever stopped to think what are these monsters, actually? They can’t be some creatures from a myth conjured up by us. They can’t be something that we can touch and feel, because had that been the case, then maybe we would have to deal with them in their way- say by using magic for example. And that is hardly the case. Even so, monsters exist. They loom in the shadows, lurk in the darkness, attack like slithering serpents without warning and rip our souls apart. That is the definition of a monster- something ferocious, something utterly horrifying, something deadly and as dreadful as it could be, maybe even worse.

Humans are very gullible creatures. I am no different. We tend to believe that we are invincible. Our authority over someone or something feeds us the sick lies which we gladly accept as the truth, thereby turning a puppet to our own minds. We say that we are the rulers of our mind, but we hardly let our minds believe it. Our minds on the other hand are like caged beasts- growling all the time, whispering things that make us who we are. This could however be a debatable concept. Is everyone in this world like that? Like a beast waiting for the perfect time to pounce on its prey? Technically, we all are. It is just matter of what we want. Do I sound like a saint? Maybe I do but like any other human I will prove different by saying that I am same. I too have a beast inside me- an untamed monster locked up in a cage who is let out only when I am on a brink ready to fall and there is nobody to catch me. It is then when the monster breaks out and saves me- not like a knight in shining armor might I add. I don’t choose when to let the monster take over me, I don’t allow him to roam freely in the farthest corners of my mind, filling them with his raging and terrifying presence, it breaks free when it can’t stay in anymore. And that is when I hang on to it like a child. But what then? Does the monster go back to his cage and lie down like a good little puppy? Of course not. The openness he finds twists him to scream in the dark momentarily taking over. He loses his mind trying to find a sliver of the oldness he was used to. After all he is a monster, he can’t suddenly morph into the human whose mind is his cage. Here comes a choice. A realization that the human must not ignore. At that moment one can either embrace the monster and go on a killing spree for those who have wronged it or he could give him time to understand the differences and let the monster take his own choice. A battle begins between the mind and soul. Unlike any other fight, there is a possibility this might end up with a truce- a deal where both the parties are winner. The human doesn’t tame the monster, he befriends it.

The world is a nasty place. Ever thing, these days is painted in black and white- maybe gray. Ever thing is dull and lifeless. There are monsters everywhere. Somehow, yet again, humans have let their minds rule them- tame them and not the other way round. And we cannot deny the consequences we see every day. Words that aren’t supposed to haunt the minds, hearts and souls of children are being acted out right in front them making them the center piece of that monstrosity. Monster. Again, the same word and I believe that I don’t have to hack and chop the meaning behind it. Funny isn’t it? Every day we see people like us walking the streets, going to work, buying groceries but there is a fog surrounding all of us. Some of us have lost ourselves in that fog, let it consume the whole of us and all that it has left behind is an untamed beast, prowling in the darkest corners to pounce on its prey tearing the said prey apart limb by limb, muscle by muscle, tissue by tissue. And the prey is left with a choice. It is almost hilarious how every second we breathe, we walk on a fine thread making decisions half of which are just thrown at our feet with no prior notice- just like the moment when one is suddenly turned into a prey left at the mercy of a terrifying monster. So, then what should be the choice at such a devastating moment? Fight the monster in their minds by closing down all senses or borrow the monster and lash out with full force. It is a simple choice but we often hesitate and let fear take over. The pain makes us sick but it is suppressed by other lifeless human shells who don’t want to fight. They prefer the weak whispers in their minds that give them new and more twisted reasons to rule them. The victim is victimized again, all because the said victim didn’t cross the threshold and locked eyes with the monster inside. But once that happens, there is no turning back.

No use fighting the monster inside us. We are intelligent beings. Why fight when we both need each other?

Nous soummes une seule et même personne.