Karwaan: A Journey Of Three Lost Souls


It was a rainy day, and for me, it was the best time when I could watch movies without getting scolded for not studying. My sister was sleeping, and I was watching “Karwaan” just lying beside her. I had already watched half of that movie by the time when she woke up. When she realized that I was watching an Irrfan Khan film without her, she simply started to give me her special silent treatment. After realizing the situation’s consequences, I tried to soothe her a lot. But she told me that we were already on a “Katti mode”, so it was of no use. So I decided to watch that movie again from the very beginning with her. Anyway, I’ve shared enough of our just sister's things. So not any more. Let’s start with the movie now. Let me first talk about the commendable casting along with their characters.


Firstly, I want to introduce you to Shaukat, a middle-aged careless, carefree, happy go lucky type of man, excellently played by legendary actor Irrfan Khan. Now it’s time to introduce a grumpy young man Avinash who just joined a software company after completing his engineering according to his dad’s order. He had a bitter relationship with his dad. The latter never allowed him to follow his passion, photography. This role is very beautifully played by none other than Dulquer Salmaan, a famous Malayalam actor. Last but not least, let me put another name on that board as a “taadka” of the young generation, Mithila Palkar, who played the role of a college girl who might have lost her destination in terms of becoming super cool.


So basically “Karwaan” is a road-comedy-drama film in which three different people from three different generations had to travel together and it was just a coincidence. Avinash’s father and Tanya’s granny died in a bus accident, and unfortunately, their bodies got exchanged while delivering them to the respective family members. Avinash left for Kochi with Shaukat, who had a van. In between, they had to pick up Tanya from her college as she was not receiving phone calls from her mother, Tahira, because she could get to know that her granny died. She was very drunken at that moment.


Many incidents happened during their journey. Shaukat was chased by some goons demanding payment from him for his due loan, he was also attacked, and they even took his van as a make off. Then Shaukat got admitted to the hospital, and there he fell in love with a beautiful young lady he thought was the daughter of the aged “Shehnai-player”, but actually, she was the third wife of that man. Meanwhile, Avinash and Tanya spent some time together. Both of them had a different way of seeing life which didn’t go well with one another. They chilled for a while, tried to understand each other, but they argued severely at some point. After that, they apologized also. Then Avinash met a doctor who was the husband of his best friend, Rumana. He took them along with him so that Avinash could meet Rumana.That day Avinash and Rumana also talked for a long. The following day Shaukat got released from the hospital, they found his van wrecked. So they started their journey again with a nano car. Shaukat was a little heartbroken at that moment. He said they were chasing him for money because his evil father took loans from many people. Even he used to beat his mother so badly, and it became a habit for her to be tortured.


Anyways, at last, they reached their destination in the sense of their aim also. There was something familiar among these three. That was loneliness and their hesitance to follow their hearts. Maybe it was because they had some bitter experience in the past, and most importantly, none of them even expressed their hard feelings to anyone; they just kept it inside them. Sometimes it’s you and only you who hurt you the most. Look at these three people, and they shared their issues unwillingly, and unknowingly they helped each other to decide something good for themselves.


After reading his dad’s letter, Avinash regretted not meeting his father once before his death. Tanya’s granny’s death incident made her a little more mature and a little more responsible to her mother. Shaukat didn’t let the same thing happen with Tasneem like his mother. She divorced her brutal husband and fled away with Shaukat, and married him. Finally, a happy man, Avinash, took up photography as his full-time profession and expressed his feelings towards his crush.


It is just a movie with so much simplicity in it, even though it gives you so much positive energy. All those tracks with beautiful music make you feel relaxed while watching the film. I want to finish it with one of my favourite dialogues of Irrfan sir,

“Logo ko haq jamana aata hai, rishta nibhana nahi”.