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“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” – we are often told.


Imagine what a young child who is just stepping out into the world of learning thinks when they hear the word “Beauty” for the first time. The six-lettered word makes an everlasting impression on the brain like the impression of a palm made on a piece of paper with dried charcoal. If the child is told how a fully-bloomed flower is considered beautiful while a withered one isn’t, an immediate comparison springs into the mind’s eye. That is the beauty of comprehension dawning. Beauty is that silence that draws whole images before the words emerge. That young body and mind of a child are full of the beauty of untold wisdom. 


Is beauty confined to a fair-complexioned girl or the winner of a beauty pageant? Isn’t an acid-attack victim, who is extremely helpful at heart beautiful? Some have beauty showing in their deeds or their talents. A singer or an artist brings beauty through their special vision and ability, while some others show the beauty in how they handle tough situations. These are the petty thoughts that pop into my brain and take shape. They don’t form at once but keep evolving. This is where I feel my worth lies – in my ability to grow with the help of my thoughts, assess them, and work towards higher thoughts and visions as I learn new things. 


It took me a while to discover that there is hidden beauty in people all around me – including in myself. I found beauty in nature, poems, silence, words, stories, and thoughts. This beauty is appreciated only by people who are ready to rise above the conventional, limited definition of good looks. The flower which doesn’t have attractive colors but has a pleasant odor is also called beautiful because the beauty lies in its aroma. The moon we look at in the sky every night is a heavenly body but she walks down to Earth to cast her light on a dark night to illuminate our world and fill with other-worldly beauty. I see the beauty in the romance that this idea brings. The woods that Robert Frost describes as ‘lovely, dark and deep’ have a haunting quality to them. There is a magical quality to the beauty of these words as the mind starts painting a picture of the dark yet beautiful. The woods capture and allure the poet to stop and have a look at them on the snowy, dark evening.


Beauty is what you access through your eyes but it is the mind that perceives and processes it. Beauty lies in the bond shared by a five-year-old Mini and a thirty-five-year-old Kabuliwala in the story ‘Kabuliwala’ by Rabindranath Tagore. Beauty exists in the unspoken bond shared by Hamid and Ammi – he invests his small savings to buy a pair of tongs for his grandmother so she doesn’t burn her hands. This shows and very well depicts the beauty of relationships, the beauty of bonds that uphold life on earth and help us interpret life as we know it.


I firmly believe Beauty to be an innate quality of a person and not just a physical feature. As Shakespeare said “All that glitters is not gold”, I am convinced that one should not judge a person by one’s outward appearance alone. I would rather wait for a person’s character to be revealed than to judge on outward appearances alone.

I would like to end by saying beauty lies in a positive and happy outlook towards life. Beauty lies in everything – from a small earthworm to Burj Khalifa. All that matters is “perspective”. Being able to appreciate beauty is an important part of human character.