It's the third blog and is the continuation of sold written by Kasturi Bhattacharya.It is a case study based on human trafficking.

Around three years ago, my father was posted to begusarai one of the most remote areas of Bihar. It's just a pretty small village. The people there used to lead simple life. There were only local vendors and shopkeepers all around the village. I was staying there with my parents during my summer vacation. Our rented house used to be a small villa with a roof made of tin. A maid named kamli used to work for cleaning purpose. The incident is based on her. The mind of those people were as simple as their lifestyle. They literally don't think much before taking an important decision in their life.One day kamli seemed to be very happy. My mother asked if something special has happened in her life or not. With a thin smile on her face she told my mother that she was married at a very young age and her husband used to beat her ferociously. He used to drink and come home late. She had two children just by a span of 2 years at the age of 16. One day her husband left her alone and went with some other woman. She started to live with her own mother. Even her mother used to consider her unworthy and used to kiss her with bad comments. Life was turning out to be miserable for her. 


Then suddenly one day her mother told her that a marriage proposal has been offered to her and the guy wants to check her children first. She became very happy and talked to the guy that day only. After hearing all this a thin layer of tension appeared on my mother's face. Gradually it started becoming pale. With a low eloquent voice my mother asked her  that person's age. She replied around my father's age. My mother become stunned. My father's age is 49 and that girl is merely 19. Immediately my mother told her to recheck every sort of information regarding he fiance. My mother warned her a lot of times but she didn't listened at at. She was lost in her own world of dreams, a world which will soon turn into a nightmare for her. She became angry at my mother at yelled at her telling her to stop overthinking. She will be happy with her life and soon she will eventually meet her dreams. Soon after her marriage a new woman came in place of her. After a few more days my mother saw the headlines of the newspaper written in block letters that a girl named Kamli has been sold to Dubai from begusarai district of Bihar. My mother came to an utter shock. She immediately asked the maid to give her suitable information regarding that girl. She told her that she went to Delhi along with her children in order to marry that person. She got kidnapped and later was sold to Dubai. My mother was in tears after receiving those information. She fainted and I immediately hold her and gave her some water.Years past but still couldn't forget the chubby face of that small girl.