Connected Yet Unknown


Hey to my friend on the other side, it has been a year

Never have we met, yet sometimes, to lose you, I fear

The remoteness of our connection, is it fragile?

When we meet, what if it feels like a long due reconcile?


I know you through your intellect and taste

You are a stranger who made me dig in my best

I do not know how you look or speak

We heard ourselves through the lyrics of our music

So, take this little poem which has my words


All I know is we are hurt by our past lives

It is hard to keep memories hidden in archives

You find happiness in the sunsets

Is it because it is a reason to reset?

When I see you, hope to have more in common

Would you want 'us' if I wanted you to be the one"?


I don’t know what he thought about my writing or my feelings but to this, he had laughed he said.

~Trisha Bhattacharya (T4)