How An Artist Looks At The World: Painter

I don't know how this world appear to you but to me, it's like the biggest canvas possible. There is so much space to build, expand and recreate things. I sometimes dream that one day I'll run away from this ruckus of life with a brush in my hand, dipped in paint, and never stop painting. I dream that I'll stretch bands of colors around the globe in a way that the art I create will catch every eye there is and will be. I want to show the whole world what my vision looks like and I will do everything in my power to do that. I will show you the realities, the possibilities and the flaws. I will show you the rules, regulations and the laws. I'm an artist, I can show make you see things that you've never even imagined. Though, my career is often mistaken as a hobbie but narrow are those mindsets of those problematic people who can't see anyone earning money happily. For them, it always has to be a stressful job that pays you. But what I do, pays me twice. Once it pays my body and then my soul. It gives peace to my soul because I get to free my mind. I get to spill my thoughts on a canvas and you will never believe how relieved I feel after doing it unless you've done it too.

The world looks at me as differently as I look at it. The only difference is that I see it more than it appears as it gets worse everyday while it keeps seeing me lesser than what I am as I get happier. And frankly, I don't have a problem with that because the people who try to bring me down prove that not everyone has a colorful and vivid life and thoughts as I do. Not everyone possesses the ability to free their minds so easily. Not everyone can believe that they will one day, with the help of what they do, show people the goodness that exists in this world. 

They will always try to bring me down and look down at me but what I will do is show them how good they can be and that is how I will achieve my goal in painting this whole canvas of the world with my own colors.