The Great Indian Film Maker

Till now one and only one film maker has won an Oscar which was a life time achievement award based on his entire film making career. The name of that pioneer is none other than the great Bengali film maker Satyajit Ray mainly for his film "Pather Panchali".He was a writer, a graphic designer and maily one of the greatest film maker of all times. He initially started his career as a graphic designer, later on he shifted to writing and after that he produced films based on his writings. Most of his films dealt with the real life problems usually faced by mankind and sometimes the ongoing threats faced by the vulnerable members of the society. The most interesting thing about his film was it usually contained an irony at the end of every film. 

In one of his interviews he said that he usually produces films which he likes and he doesn't like making commercial films at all  which most of the Indian audience were exposed to. He also said that India is full of backward audience and doesn't provide adequate amount of respect to decent movies which is genuinely true.Majority of his films teach a lesson to humanity. People can learn innumerable number of things from his movies. He was a perfectionist. According to him a good film is only made if everything goes perfectly which includes acting, proper direction, casting, proper lightning and a perfect pictorial description of the place and the characters. That's why his films were so perfect. 

Once Ray was being criticised for releasing a film called Devi which was based on religion. People thought that it attacked Hindu religion.Ray clearly told that his film dealt with religious dougmatism which is the extreme form of religion. It didn't attack any religion as such. It attacked the wrong notions or wrong aspects of religion.People have mistaken it in a different way.Ray didn't actually cared about people and their gossips. He did whatever he felt was correct. That was the main motto of his lufe. That's why he was so successful. He isolated himself from the  typical hypocritical mindset of the people.