The season of romance,

Filled with sound of droplets,

Making us dance all around.


White clouds that turn into grey,

Accompanying us to let our tears fall out, 

The drops touching our body,

Brings back us to reality.


And the reality is,

It's still raining,

Let's enjoy to the fullest,

With your partner,

Making eachother feel special,


Promising eachother to be there always!!


The rain became there favourite part of the love story.


The cool shiver that runs through my skin when i experience that monsoon drizzle, 

Makes me thrilled and rejuvenates my being like a bubble.


The rain drops instantly cool down the heat running in my blood, refreshing my skincells like its a doze of a hard drug that you obsessed with.


The drizzling sound is just so enticing and hypnotizing, making me listen to it all day staring through my window, Ohh i must say, what a show of thunder and lightning!


The immense pleasure of rain is just magical‚ú®!