Pawfect Love

Its been long since my human came home. Last time I saw him, some people where carrying him out. I saw mom crying. I thought he would come home in time for my feed. Honestly, I am quite worried now. Usually, when I come back to my water bowl that I emptied a few minutes back, magically it is refilled. This magic hasn't worked in the past few days. I rolled over in a pool of mud, so that he would come to give me a bath. I howled in anguish, hoping he would pet me and take me in his arms like he always does. 

It is stupid how joyful I become everytime he comes into the room. But I dont think there is much choice when someone loves you the way he does. 

I have been waiting near the window for long now. And I'll wait till he comes home to me. Maybe I'll pull a prank on him, when he takes me to a walk again.