Thoughts Over Coffee

As I sat near my window,

Sipping a cup of hot coffee,

A random thought slipped my mind.

How irreplacable is our presence in each others' lives,

As if the sole reason for our existence,

Is to love and hold each other.

Is it just coincidence that our hands fit each other,

Our entangled sweaty fingers in such desirable harmony.

Is it just coincidence that when we hug each other,

My head fits in the crook of your neck

And your arms wrap perfectly around my body.

Is it just coincidence that my hands perfectly cup your face

As if this is the reason why God made me hands.

Maybe this how He wanted all of us to be,

To hold each other, to support each other

To build each other and moreover,

To support each other.

Then why is there so much turmoil in this world,

So much violence and uncertainity

Why dont we just appreciate this marvel

And exist in perfect harmony.