pushing a sign which said pull
he couldn't figure it out 
what he thought was silence
had this entire time been a shout

escaping his dismays he didn't stop
overcoming or burying, uncertainty copped
running away, when there was no finish line
someone just needed to hold him, he would've been just fine

how can he bloom when he's out of water
he can't stand still, he just grows shorter
he's trying his best but he doesn't know
he needs to appreciate, not overflow

i guess he's still trying to figure it out 
the silence within is still a big shout
the canyons in his brain are still deep
the mountain he has to climb is still steep

he tried to conquer time by forgetting it altogether
time had its best payback when he lost his forever
now time is the best friend and all he is left with
as he keeps passing but in control, the uncertainty suddenly hid

now hold him, as he tries again
hold him, as he sways the pain
many can only wish, what he's trying to achieve
he's about to let go and stop being time's leech

the world doesn't quite understand, what he thinks he's missed
but the world knows now, as since then, the world has been abyss
you can't go with the flow because it takes control of you
stand your ground, stay strong, it's a mastery possessed by a few 

you love you play you go absolutely wild
you aren't an adult, you're still a child
but you still do it, for it's your own
and never has it been overthrown

you're loud, you're proud
you're your own demon's scout
shroud of the crowd, you carry it with you
head in the clouds, you blossom your way through