Black Days


One of those black days
When nothing is pleasing and everything that happens
Is an excuse for anger
An outlet for emotions

These are the days when I hate the world
Hate the rich, hate the happy
Hate the TV watchers
Beer drinkers, the satisfied ones
Because I know I can be all of those little hateful things
And then I hate myself for realizing that
There's no safe approach for living
We each define our own fate
You can change your everything,
But sooner or later your own self will always catch up
Appear but then run off like the rain on the windshield

One of those rainy day car rides, my head implodes
nothing good on the radio,
not a thought in my head
I know a place we can go

Lets take life and slow it down incredibly slow
Frame by frame
With two minutes that take ten years to live
Yeah, let's do that
Telephone poles like praying mantis against the sky
So much land traveled, so little sense made
It doesn't mean a thing all this land leaving behind.

Cause i want to take off leave the world,
not concerned about breakfast or cut in the diet,
Get lost for a while.
Get a even pinch knowing of myself.

Unrealing unpealing unveling,
about to begin,
Ready to face myself,
Can't fix myself but try to fix the world.

The world moving so fast i cant get a hold of it,
Can't have an image of me,
with a hand on the sholder standing beside you.
Like a catlog of images, flashing glimpses.

And I'm down again!!