Not happy

aryan   Mar 27, 20   

Never been alone in the city this late,
It's deserted.
I call him,
No answer, straight to voicemail.
"Might be stuck, it appears in something more fabulous than a phone...


shaolink   Mar 27, 20   

फ़ल्सफ़ा यह मेरा की मक्दूर तूने तारो के नाम कर दिया मेरे जैसे ग़म-गुसार को मुश्त

Better Friend

aryan   Mar 27, 20   

All night, I felt paralysed into silence, Terrorised. 
What was I afraid of, anyway? The thing had happened. She was dead. She was warm ,laughing, trying to teach me, make me better,...

Mamba 24

aryan   Feb 21, 20