I had never reallybothered with the cat. It was a street cat after all. It could probably, no,definitely fend for itself. It used to come by the kitchen window and I wouldleave it a bowl of milk or some fish. It seemed to like fish. It came byregularly enough. It didn’t come some nights and that was fine. Totally fine. Notlike I stayed up waiting for it to show up anyway. Not like I cared. I didn’t. Nope,not me.

 It had become a regular visitor. He wouldn’t missany evening. Then suddenly he stopped coming. I put up posters and flyers butno one had seen it. I reasoned with myself, it was a street cat. I shouldn’t beworried for it. Pfft!

 Who was I kidding!? I missed him terribly. He purredwhen I called him Gingy. He always used to paw at the fish bowl. I didn’t evenmind when he did ate my gold fish. I just replaced it. I stayed up whole nightsworrying. Slowly, I convinced myself, maybe he was in a better place.

Six months later. I bringhome a date. He was really cute and shy and we were talking about how good thedinner was and how we should do this more often, when suddenly we heard acrash. I quickly grab a broom and rush to the source.

Sitting there, licking hishind leg was Gingy. He had become bulbous! Fatter than the fattest cat I hadever seen. How do you know that I knew it was Gingy? He had a little whiteheart on his forehead. “Gingy!” I gasped.


“Where had you been?! I waslooking all over for you!”


“Well, of course I wasworried!”


“You terrible, terriblecat! Never leave me, ever!”, I said scooping the heavy orange parcel.

He licked my nose thenpurred. “Is everything alright?”, my date asked from the drawing room. “Yes. Itwas just a cat.”, I gasped under the weight.

“Oh my god! You foundhim!” my date reached out to take Gingy from me.

“What do you mean?”, I swivelledaway.

“That’s Christopherson! Mycat. I lost him almost six months ago!”, he said accepting the smug heavy thing.

“What do you mean? I losthim six months ago. Well, technically it’s a street cat but –”

“So you are the reason hewould not have any dinner!” he said laughing. God he was gorgeous! Even betterwith Gingy in his arms.

So fast forward to threeyears later. Gingy aka Christopherson, shrunk down to his former weight, now prowlingamongst the wedding guests. The cake was eaten by Gingy’s family but no oneseemed to mind. Children had scooped up the little kittens and everyone seemedto be having a good time. Amidst the chaos, that was our wedding, Jared and Idanced happily.

The End. 

(PS: I am very sorry, but it not very well written. If someone has any suggestion do put it in the comments! Thanks a lot for taking time to read such terrible work.)