“What? Please tell me.”

Mr. Steve lifted the bottle of poison with his gloved hand; holding it very carefully with two fingers. He made some kind of a weird eye contact with his assistant, who ran some kind of a scanner across the entire surface of the bottle. Then, the assistant nodded at him and said,

“Got it sir.”

Mr. Steve nodded in approval, and then looked at me. He took the bottle from his assistant, not as carefully as the last time though.

“Mr. Robert, I have found two finger prints on this glass bottle. One of them belongs to your wife, and the other one, we do not know. Odds are high that they belong to the person who came to kill her. We will have to check the finger prints of each person present here.”

I nodded in approval. Some of the people present there seemed reluctant, but they agreed in the end, probably because they pitied me. Steve’s assistant took a biometric sensing machine, almost the size of my cell phone, and began scanning the finger prints of every person present in the room, probably saving the same along with their photographs. This process took around fifteen minutes, until there was just one person left.

As soon as the assistant approached him, the man started to weep.

“No, I don’t want to do this! Please, no!”

He ran to Mr. Steve and said,

“I haven’t done anything. I didn’t kill her. Please believe me. That finger print is mine. I admit it. It’s mine!”

Steve squinted through his spectacles, and scratched his eye brow. He signaled his assistant to get the machine. While the man was busy pleading, his finger was swiped against the machine and his finger print scanned. The assistant did some weird “calculations” with that machine. After a while, he pointed to the weeping man and said,

“Sir, match found.”

I clenched my fists and was about to punch that man hard on the face. My fist had been a millimeter away from this nose when Mr. Steve grabbed it and pulled it back.

“Robert, you need to calm down. Please.”

I took a deep breath and stepped back. Steve glared at that man for a while.


“Umm… Jack.”

“Jack, can you explain this?”

“Well, yes sir. Please. I can definitely explain. Please give me a chance.”

“Go on.”