With so many revelations of hardware andsoftware, the E3 is considered a success by the major gaming industry tycoons. Itseems that most of them are reviving the old storylines and characters andfusing them with new hardware accessories. Many of them are returning with VRmode and Nintendo switch (which doesn’t seem much exciting, due to lack ofvideo quality).


Now continuing with the highlights….


1.     Marvel’s Avengers


I think it’s time I mention the Marvel’sAvengers. After a long wait, Marvel has finally about to release the Avengersvideo game in May 2020. Although the character designs are not much appreciatedby the audience, the game is expected to have some improvements before therelease. But as said by the developers they are not going to change thecharacters of the game. So might feel odd looking at the same characters butwith different face and voice. Apart from that it is assured that content willbe added in multiple years. Now the only thing that may save the expectationsis a strong narrative story-driven RPG.



2.     Doom Eternal


Along with announcing Wolfestein, Bethesdais unchallenged with its announcement of Doom Eternal. The game receivednostalgic reactions as the game they used to play in their childhood. The gameplaydisplays various plots setups in hell, heaven and god knows where. But mostimportantly it still has the signature demon crunching action. The directoradded to this a brand new storyline with details of multiplayer.

The game is supposed to release in November2019.




3.     Project Scarlett and Halo Infinite


By the end of the conference Microsoftrevealed Project Scarlett that is Microsoft’s next-gen gaming console and isclaimed to be the most powerful hardware of its category. Plus Microsoft alsolaid light upon many other amazing features to be compatible with Xbox viz.high tech specs like 120fps frame rates, 8K support, ray-tracing etc.


Along with the mind blowing reveals,Microsoft also dominated with the Halo Infinite. To be released during theholiday season of 2020, Halo Infinite is another most awaited game. The teaserlooks nice which looks like continuation of the series story.

Both Scarlett and Halo instalment aresupposed to be released together.




4.     Dying Light 2

Techland returned with Dying Light 2. The gamefeatures intense zombie battles, parkour and a first person survival aura. The gamestory is woven as a the protagonist makes decisions. The game has a vast mapthat is accessible as the story proceeds and depends on the way the storyproceeds. Developers claim that players would only be able to discover as muchas 50 percent of the total game content given any playthrough.

To be released in 2020, the game is theonly significant zombie game.



5.     Watchdogs : Legion


Last but not the least, Ubisoft rockedeveryone with the announcement of Watchdogs:Legion. The game offers a verycomplicated storyline and gameplay. You are allowed to play as any character. Hencethere is no character that serves as protagonist. Player can recruit anycharacter with the matching skills for the game and complete the missions ofthe game. While a player can accumulate a large mass of recruits, if acharacter dies, he is gone for good.

The game is loved by the gamer communitydue to its unique gameplay and playthrough which is more than just decisionmaking.

The game will be released in March 2020.




Apart from these major titles, many more title franchiselike Call of Duty, Wolfenstein, Borderlands, Ghost Recon, The Division and manymore came up with new content to be added to their existing franchise instalments.