What an enigmatic word.

A while ago, I was in Bangalore visiting my cousins. It was 11:00 am on a warm Sunday morning and the three of us decided we'd take on the arduous task of preparing breakfast, since none of us had woken up to our cook's frantic knocking and shouting an hour prior. As we laughed about our collective cluelessness about how long eggs should be boiled and fought about whether the milk goes first or the cereal, it hit me; this was so peaceful.

I then decided I have got to write about peace next, and here we are now.

That’s when it hit me, peace cannot have merely one meaning. It is highly subjective and highly personal. Your idea of peace might not be the same as mine, on the contrary it might even be the opposite. So I decided I would spend the next couple of hours finding out what peace meant to different people, needless to say I got a variety of answers.

Some said they find peace in silence, like the kind you'd have if you lived by yourself. Some said they find peace in inactivity, like sleeping in on a Saturday morning and having pizza in bed. Some find peace in standing at the banks of a tranquil pond and painting a picture of it, and some find peace in jumping into a raging waterfall with their friends.

 I soon realized my idea of peace is hardly the conventional one.

Someone told me they'd find peace in the lap of nature, a cabin in the woods near a stream to fish in. I on the other hand find peace in the bustling movement of the city, because it makes me feel alive.

To some a fun day out by the pool with their family is peaceful, playing games in the water, jumping in and out. Yet, I'd rather swim in a calm, still pool. Softly entering the water without disturbing it, gliding through with grace and slowly emerging out the other side. Silencing my thoughts with the sound of splashing water.

Do you know what peaceful means to you?

Is it a massage by aprofessional with smooth jazz playing in the background while the room smells of lavender, or the blaring music and the alcohol induced stupor in a crowded nightclub?

Is it an early morning ride on a classic motorcycle, or an intense workout that leaves you drenched in sweat?

Is it eating marshmallows and sipping cocoa in front of a warm fire on a winter night, or a game of charades with your loved ones?

Dear readers, I urge you to find what it is that makes you peaceful, and to go after it. Pursue it with all your might because that is probably what will give you more happiness than anything else. And once you do, make sure you tell me all about it!