The word 'fashion' is based on their own mind. If I say something wrong you will say it right. But here I'm specifying the mistakes that are intolerable and disgusting. It's as disgusting like ketchup is mixed into a coke! YUCK!! Does it make any sense? I know your answer will be NO. Now let's hop into it!#1 WEARING LOW-HIP PANTS: Low Hip Pants are to be worn just below the waistline. But Jesus! I saw some guys wearing the pant too low. I mean 'too low', the pant is lying in his mid-ass. OMG!! Is that a ventilation for his fart or a hack to control his boner? Only God knows!1551628949.jpg#2 WEARING SAME SHOES FOR EVERY OCCASION: One old school Woodland's boots with a thick sole which costs nearly 4k. INSHALLAH!! with that 4k you can buy 4 different shoes for different occasion. There are many shoes out there my brothers. Please check out for white sneakers, athleisure shoes, slip-on, black sneakers, dress shoes and many.1551628922.jpg#3 SOCKS WITH FLIP-FLOPS: Seriously! Anyone who does this earns my total disrespect. In this case, I have to accept my father as an Illuminati! The person who is reading this, you too admit that. Once my father had an injury in his foot. So he wore a bandage and socks over it. He wore flip-flops too while going out. That looked very funny and I laughed at it every time. He said, "This will become a trend soon" in a sarcastic manner. Tadaa!! We have this ugly trend now.1551628890.jpg#4 MISSING OUT ACCESSORIES: Brothers! Listen! As girlfriend supplements your life, accessories elevate your outfit. As you need a girlfriend, you need to have accessories. Wear a minimalistic watch, a ring, a simple chain and if possible an earring (OK I understand, I know the mindset of every Indian mom!) As I said only one girlfriend makes your life good not more than one. More than one leads to trouble. Like that over-accessorisation makes you look like an 'A'- hole.1551628858.jpg#5 BEING INDOOR AND WEARING SUNGLASSES: This is not a mistake, this is a sin. Just think about it. Will you pee in a wash basin? That's nonsense, right? Then wearing sunglasses indoors is also nonsense. It won't make you look cool. It makes people think you're a fool.