Dear Disney,

Remembering you throw me back to those days when I used to spend my whole day in front of the T.V.

When I used to fight with the whole world to have a command over the remote control, only to spend time with you.

When my mom used to use you as a method to distract me, so that she could feed me the most tasteless healthy food.

When, Cinderella and Snow-White were my best friends.

When I used to think my Prince Charming would come riding on a white horse.

Then, when I feared witches and spells.

When my non-realistic imaginations had no bounds.

When, I used to cry out for help “Oh Toodles” and used to go on mystery tours with mickey.

When I knew the world was magical.

When I believe that wonderland fairies and fairy tales actually exist.

And I thought you were real.

Grand were those days, so good, so simple.How I miss them. How I wish they come back, and I could relive those moments again. But I know. I know they’re mere dreams and never gonna happen. Because now I’m grown up, and I have rules laid down to my behave and pretend. I have to face the reality, the truth of the world which is so much away from a happy ending.

I’m sorry Uncle Walt Disney. Growing old is mandatory; but unfortunately world said growing up is too.

Still, in your dreams,

A grown up kid from the real world.