Since room allotment is around the corner and these 9 months have been quite a journey. So I thought I’ll list all the amazing qualities you have so that our fellow hostel mates can know how amazing and thoughtful you are even though it’s not possible because  the list would run too long.

Let me start by how cheerful and happy you are all the time.In fact I love how evident you make it by singing. All. The. Time. Its almost like you are in your own musical! You wake up you’re singing, while studying you’re singing, in fact the only time you aren’t singing is when you’re talking………to yourself. Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for introspection but I am genuinely confused why there aren’t 2 or 3 RA’s from the psychology department observing you 24/7 because honestly you are making ground breaking timing on one-sided conversation. You are so good at this, that you could hold classes for those awkward kids who can’t hold a conversation to save their life. Yup you are that good. And where do I even start with how just and equal you are. I’m surprised how well you’ve suppressed the urge to chalk up the room into four “equal”  parts, even though you have the biggest cupboard and desk which you hardly ever use. And while we are on the topic of the room, I really have to commend your efforts to brighten up the room what with all your clothes hanging from the grills. What with all those colors in the room it has become impossible to have video call because you have left no corner of our 4 bedded room untouched by your “creativity”.But now my naive brain understands that you did it for my benefit, so that I don’t waste time and actually be productive. How someone can be so caring and understanding is something beyond my understanding.

But I know how hard it has been adjusting with us what with use keeping the room at a temperature of 21 constantly and creating a mess with our sheets and various other materials. So with a heavy heart and tears in my eyes. I bid you adieu.

I hope you find a roommate as amazing as yourself


One of your roommate.