North-East India is one of themost undiscovered part of India. Filled with scenic beauty, diversity andcultural richness, North-East has it all. Very sadly a lot of educated people,probably skipped their geography class in the 6th standard when themap of India was discussed and failed to notice the north-east corner of Indiaand so are confused when they find out that Assam or Sikkim or Meghalaya is apart of India!

So, presenting you ‘ThingsNorth-East people are tired of hearing’-

1.   “Oh wow! You’re from Assam? Which country is it in?”

Hard to believe I know, but trust me when I say I’ve had people say this to me before. Like seriously? What states do you think the ‘distorted bat’ shaped part of theIndia map represent?



2.   “Wow do you live on top of a hill or something?”

How absurd does this sound? But one of my roommates actually asked me this. And trust me, this conversation didn’t end well. For once and for all, we don’t live in jungles or on top of a hill. Like every other place, we have roads and other amenities. (unbelievable, is it?)

3.   “ Do you need visa to visit Arunachal Pradesh?”



4.    “Can you guys see when you smile?”/ “Are you Chinese?”

I feel like I need to say this with a microphone – NOT ALL OF US HAVESMALL EYES/ CHINKI EYES. I’ve seen so many people come up to my friends and be like “you’re from northeast, aren’t you? I can tell.” I’ve also had people tell my brother “You don’t ‘look north-eastern’.” Wow. As if this wasn’t enough,people are foolish enough to ask us ‘if we are Chinese’ when we tell them weare from North-East. Blows my mind everytime.


5.   “Momo.”

I feel like I don’t even have to explain this. People think that we eat,breathe and preach Momo. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be forever grateful for Momo. But we don’t eat it all the time. It is not the staple food of whole of north-east.

6.   “You eat cockroaches/ dog meat/ snakes???”

Again, NO. Not all of us eat the meat of every organism alive. Some tribes (Naga) do eat dog meat but it’s not our regional delicacy nor does it define us.

7.   “North-east=Assam”

Nope. North-East has 8 states namely-  ArunachalPradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim and Tripura.

So these are some of the many things that we, the north-eastern people are TIRED of hearing. Many people have a lot of misconceptions about North-East (I would love to rant about this another time). It a beautiful place with a lot of undiscovered places and personally, I do feel like it deserves more attention. It has so much potential to grow and prosper. Although, my view will be biased I think that people WILL love North-East once they visit it. 

I guess I will stop with my rant now. Have a great day peeps!