The Lost One

When I turn back a bit,

Just to catch a glimpse of the old me,

I can’t help but laugh,

Amused by that stupidity I see.


Lame were the pranks,

I decided to fall for,

Lost forever are the moments,

I ended up living for.


Surprise grips me,

When I peep into that past,

I assumed, were my forever,

Those that weren’t meant to last.


My dreams that adorned my sleep,

Never were meant to be true,

Shattered by the morning’s light,

With nothing left to say or do.


I look back at those strangers,

Who once promised that they’ll stay,

They came along like a star at night,

Nowhere to be found with the break of day.


I think of those decisions,

Compelled by stupidity I took,

Wondering if I hadn’t taken,

How different my today would look.


Now I look at the new me,

Nowhere resembling that old fool,

Lost are the days of foolishness,

Here’s a new self, better and cool.

-Ayushi Srivastava1550755204.jpg