A girl

Standing in front of a mirror

What should I do now?

He stares at her

With honey coloured eyes

Quiet for a while

Now what?

We get rid of it

She can't look at the body

The stench of blood makes her dizzy

It had to be done

She was here to kill you anyway

They are after you, beware

Well what do I do with the body?

Dispose it off

Get rid of it

Go inside the room

pull down a curtain

Wrap the body in it

She thought she could trust her

She thought she was her friend

It's a good thing he warned her

They are after her and they'll do anything 

She doesn't need to give it another thought

pull her out into the backyard

Where are the tools?

In the garage

Get a shovel

Dig a hole and throw her in

She did what he said

He's here to protect her afterall

He protected her always

From the old lady's dog

From the bully back in school

They were all after her 

He saved her from them all

Why shouldn't she trust him now?

He had followed her everywhere 

A guardian angel

But she still had some doubts

Throw her in and cover it

Let me breath

There's no time

Then help me

I can't

Ever since she was a young girl

He has always been with her

They grew up together

He was shy

Never talked to anyone else

Just her

She didn't fit in either

People thought she was crazy

She was weird

And she knew why

She was different, she was special

How did she know?

Because he told her

And she believed him

And why not?

He told her 

The neighbours dog Benji

Barked out words no-one could hear

No one but her

So she tried 

And she heard

You're a dead girl


We're coming for you

She never found out who

before Benji could say 

She did what he said

Take that brick

Hit him in the head

Don't miss

I can't 

You must

She did

She was just ten

The dog jumped on her 

Self defence is what it was

Or that's what she told her mother

And the guy in her class

He pulled her braids

As everyone stood there

Watching the scene 

Doing nothing

He is troubling me

He is with them

How do you know?

I know everything

I'm here to protect you

What do I do?

He slipped 

Tumbled down the stairs

Hit his head 

He bled to death

She saw him

She cried

Nobody knew

The accident was not fate

It was her

Just like today

It was always her

Everyone found her crazy

But a girl, new in town

She was kind

Don't trust her

But she's nice

She's playing with you

Weaving her web 

Luring you in

She's with them

Strike before she does 

Kill her, end the game

And she did

But now they got her

The body In her backyard

Proof enough, she was a murderer

They don't believe her

Ofcourse they don't

They are after you

They finally got you.