Why is it that the things you want the most never happen? 
And the things you never even considered worth wanting or thinking about, happen in such an unpredictable way? 
Happens with all of you, doesn't it? 
This, my friend, is what I call ,'Weird functioning of the Universe.' 

I think the saying of letting the universe know what you want is a hoax. 
After all, it does it's own thing.
All we can do is play along. 
Cause the Universe sings it's own song. 

Only uncertainty is what governs our every situation. 
We got no control, puppets might be the right word to use. 
The Universe follows it's own muse. 
And all you can do is keep trying and continue with your own directions. 
The only privilege it gives us other than doing it's own thing, 
Is meeting new people and developing new relations. 

Even that is scripted way before,
Clearly, the words of Hrithik Roshan screaming,'Sab Likha Hua Hai!' from ZNMD now hold a deeper meaning. 
All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players. 
Even Shakespeare knew the dealings of the Universe. He said it out loud, but it took a while for the stubborn human mind to register. 

Letting people know about your plans, your hopes and wishes always ends up in failure. 
It's like a silent message from the Universe, "Trust me,I know what I'm doing."
And we go on doing what we keep doing to make ourselves keep going. 

Let's continue doing our thing, 
because the Universe will keep butting in with it's new plans, surprises and road blocks. 

So tell me, 
Have you felt the weird functioning of Universe too?