Though,my favorite change constantly, some stay with me all through my life. And the song Believer by Imagine Dragons is one of them.The song as a whole is an outburst and an outrage of a person. We all can see ourselves in the song at least once. It's a beautiful or rather splendid demonstration of one's feelings. Each stanza has it's own meaning, which on a whole, deal with the various pains, the person had to through on his life.

The whole song, contains most of the elements, which I wanted to say or just shout in my life but couldn't due to some reasons. So every time, I hear the song, I just feel like living the life I wanted to live all along. A life free from judgemental persons, the society's unnecessary intervention and interest in other's life and only with people minding their own business. The song also deals with the pain of a person and how he passed through the pain , accepting that, this is life. Just listen the song once. and you won't regret it.