Every Picture has its own story


Dear Kitty,

There were two people James and Jane in Puerto Rico both ofthem were in love with each other. And both of them were quite happy in theirprivate space. But then too life has its own rules as happiness is on one side, sadness must be there in other side. Same happened with them, James was transferredto California (The U.S) due to job work. This led to long distance relationshipwhich is often very hard to maintain . But things were well and good till thenext half years, James sent love letters ,chocolates , expensive gifts fromCalifornia on regular basis and also came to Puerto Rico where they celebratedRose day, Valentines day and other festivals. But as time passed by Jamesbecame too busy that going to Puerto Rico was too far he didn’t even botheredto send the stuffs that he used to do earlier. On the other side Jane was inthe belief that James had not forgotten her, she waited for days, months, yearsnear the beach, in her house terrace. But when he didn’t came for the next twoyears she lost hope that he will ever come, but one fine day he came, physicallybut not mentally i.e his dead body came and the reason stated that he was in ataxi to airport for coming to Puerto Rico but eventually he met with anaccident. His belongings were handed over to his mother which included all thelove letters that Jane sent, A wallet which consisted Jane’s photo and adiamond engagement ring which he had bought for her and a diary that stated heworked for twelve hours a day for two years just to buy engagement ring for herbeloved . After this incident Jane decided to not marry anyone, she left herhome without informing anyone , where she went no one knows in a road unknownand people unknown. But only thing that remain known is that she was in arelationship.


Tanmay Jr.