AnotherKaran Johar love triangle, in which eventually a lover has to stepback and thistime its Aman (Shahrukh Khan) and the reason was his suffering from cancer.This reason paved way for Rohit (Saif Ali Khan) Aman’s best friend and Naina (PreityZinta) to continue their relationship and live forever happily.

Thoughthis was the main motto of Aman because Naina’s family was going throughserious family disturbances due to which Naina had forgotten why she wasliving. But then too the end was not justified.

Accordingto me Aman should have married Naina as cancer is something which can betreated nowadays and going by the film way, Aman was from a well-offbackground so he could have afforded to bear the cost. And coming to Naina, shewas madly in love with Aman , she would have accepted the fact if Aman had evertried to express it. And Rohit ,he was the best friend of Aman and Naina and hecame in relationship with Naina when Aman forced him. If he had came to knowthat Aman and Naina were in relationship he would have been the most happyperson among the three.

Andcoming to society everyone knows that the western culture is not at allbothered about what you think like Eastern Nations.

This may not be the the perfect ending but then too for me this would have been the perfect ending.SoI will wind up by saying that if someone is truly into relationship they shouldobey it as there are n number of factors that will trouble you but when thereis will there is way.

So you will also find someor the other way to come out1550294914.jpg.BY TANMAY Jr.