The Fault In our Stars
 When I had first heard about The Fault in our Stars, I specifically remember those particular words, that " if you truly want something from your heart, even the universe works its charms to make it happen". 
John Green in his debut novel, had created this realistic illusion that when you are in love, even numbered days can help in having an infinity. Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace Lancaster are two people very close to my heart, their innocent yet powerful love, had convinced me that it wasn't necessary that every prince charming had to come on a white horse and sweep you off you feet.
However, I did feel disappointed with the ending of the novel. The fact that Augustus was in remission had given me hopes, as a reader that maybe both Augustus and Hazel could have their happily ever after, in the end. I know that life is not perfect. Someone needs to wish upon the stars to make it all happen, but even stars are get hidden by the clouds of what ifs and maybe's.
I wanted Augustus to propose Hazel with something as simple as Hazel nut coffee, which might have reminded him of her, while, Hazel swung in that swing at the park. I wanted the other readers , as well as, myself to believe in the simplicity of love, and that in today's world, where love always has a price, maybe, this one love story wouldn't have needed any price tags. I don't like the games of what ifs and  maybe's, because in our calculated present and future, we need some "oops", or "Oh I did it again". 
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In this cynical world, it's important that we, as millennials, need to start believing that it is natural to have the same " Dal Chaawal for the nest 40 years till you die",because when you have the one beside you, then even " Dal Chaawal" can get converted into " Rajma Chaawal". Follow your inner moonlight and don't hide the madness!

-Damayanti Chattopadhyay