And then Harry woke up...

Afterdefeating Lord Voldermort and breaking the Elder wand into three pieces,Harry ,Ronand Hermoine leave Hogwars for their lives. Meeting up again when their kids leavefor Hogwarts, Harry gives a last hug to his son, Albus Severus Potter before heleaves for Hogwarts, only to wake up from his dream.
Harry was dreaming all night about Hogwarts and his stuff and woke up from his sleepdue to his aunt’s unbearable shouting. His cousin Dudley is in the living room justlazing around like a dog in his bed with a packet of Potato Chips and a bottleof Coke. Harry giggled a little, remembering how Dudley was attacked by a snake.


Dudley noticed that smile and asked Harry “What’s that laugh for, you idiot?” . Harry remained silent. Then Dudley, got up from his lazing position and went near Harry, so near that Harry could smell Coke from his mouth. Then Dudley told “I will laugh when I see you scared as hell at the Reptile House this afternoon.” Harry was shocked and a tad surprised to hear about the Reptile House. He thought he was having some type of Déjà vu. Harry then got ready for his first time outside his house after long time. He wished his dream would come true.


Harry reached the reptile house, wandered around the cages of all snakes thinking something would happen just like in his dream, but nothing happened. He returned home sadly and went to his bed.All he thought was , having the same dream as before and just having it forever.Just then he heard some sound from the main door. Someone was banging the front door very loudly.Before he could open the door, a dark tall figure made its way in. From it’s height of nearly eight and a half feet, Harry guessed it was Hagrid. Without having any argument, he just went along with him. After leaving his uncle and his aunt dumb and awestruck though.

He told Hagrid all about his dream. Hagrid was amused by all that stuff. He told Harry,

”Your parents are alive and they killed Voldemort. You are to be protected form his daughter who’s a seductress. She killed Professor Snape and the whole Malfoy family.”Harry could barely talk but wonder. But nevertheless, he was ready for all the troubles he would face, which are far better than living in his uncle’s house.


Bhuvanendra Guttikonda