You know what is worse than pausing your PS4 midway Kratossmashing his fellow gods on mountains and teaching Atreus some manners, it’s tolet your mom watch the newest or dare I say most idiotic episode of ‘Ye Rishtakya kehlata hai?’, I mean mom, Dad has lesser interest on my career-path thanyou have on what plot point was copied this time from 1999.

Welcome toour ongoing series appropriately titled Subtle Curry Traits where we bash onour Indian Daily soaps and try to analyse their impact on Indian Zeitgeist, andof course have a little fun along the way….

This will be our last and final purview on the topic


I know….

I’m sad to see you go too……


Anyways returning to ragging on TV soaps that defy the norm,let’s have some comparisons. I mean, if you’re producing something to entertainthe public , chances are what you put in your work has a probability of0.00001% of happening IRL.

But when you look at Indian Soaps, boy oh boy, the thingsthat happen here (aside from the latest in ‘kisne kiske khaane mein neend kigoliyaan mila di hain’) will baffle even CGI experts who have created anyvisually stunning movie.


Plot points that are above and beyond the ridiculousinclude:

1.You hate your jethani (The wife of your husband’s elder brother), sooooo yougo to your local Tantrik (The First Logical Option) and get him to curse her(That escalated quickly!) and now all the things you’ve wanted to accomplish inlife have watered down to this hate towards someone who’s now a family memberand whom you should probably be looking up to, not putting down and watchingher misfortune (Brought down upon her by you).

2.You were cursed recently (You know as normal peoplenormally are), and have now turned into a housefly (Original), now you needhelp getting back to human-form (Is that really possible now?), So you biteyour sister, so now she should help a housefly and not be expected to swat itaway.

3.Your ‘sindur ki dibiya’ fell down because of the wind(Shouldn’t you close windows to deny entry to pests?), and now in the next fewminutes your husband who’s running a major business which always flourishes BTWis going to die in a horrible car accident.(Nice)
Oh don’t worry about it he doesn’t die, he just conveniently falls into a Comauntil the plot requires him to resurrect from a very near death experience.

4. You are a shapeshifting Naagin (Snake-Human), the chancesof whose existence is very Probable with huge advancements in technology andwith a little help from the Osborne Corporation (Spiderman reference for mynerdy brothers in arms) and now there’s a shapeshifting mongoose on the loosetrying to kill you and now you need to hire a witch to get rid of the ‘Nevla’so you can get it on with other humans.

5. You haven’t received a formal education and have beenmarried into a rich family after a full on vetting from the groom’s family fora full whole day, you go into their house and see that the laptop has some duston it’s screen, you promptly wash it in the dishwasher and enforce thestereotype that woman are inherently dumb and are only useful for makingsandwiches (The show’s words, not mine.)


You get it….

Anyways if you want more examples you can read a trulyhilarious piece here.

But why would you want to waste your precious moments tryingto understand the stuff perfectly described by a certain Swedish YouTubeInfluencer which I’m paraphrasing here:

“The editor seems like a person who was locked in a room with500gm of cocaine with the show’s clip and told, ”Edit this””



After reading a couple hundred of the words written by me ona Sunday night trying to meet a deadline you’ll realize that I’ve basicallyexplained to you the past two decades of Indian TV series plots.

From the reaction that you have after reading my piece youcan broadly classify yourself into two categories:
1.If you guffawed along with my comments and consider yourself lucky to bespared the repetitive drama, welcome to the Normal People’s club.
2.If you’re cursing me for not putting a Spoiler Alert in the beginning thenOops, my bad aaaaand you’re an Idiot.


So here I am trying to explain to my mom the Familial valuesI learn by smashing up undead monsters and then looting corpses while she yellsat me for critiquing her show’s abhorrent character development (I have to dothis, so that I know at least an ounce of my sanity is still with me), but Ienjoy all of this because I know the next time I meet my mom will be after 5months and that’s too long a time for her to go without yelling at me, so I tryto finish my quota in the short time allotted to me.


Oh BTW Dad, I’m fine and doing well.