Eons ago, when man started living together - creating villages, colonies, and tribes, that is when religion was born. Religion was created by man to bring together groups of similar mindsets . What was it created for? Hope. Yes, hope – one of the rarest thing found, but even if present in a very little amount, it saves lives. Superficially all the religions may look different to us but if you look at the basics of it, all of them are the same. Religion brings people together, it asks is to help people, and have faith in the powerful force which binds us all together. And faith brings hope which in turn brings the craving to live on. Who would have thought, back then, that this pure concept would one day be the reason of uncountable deaths? Yes, dear reader, religious conflicts it is. Religious conflicts are the disputes between people from different religions due to their differences in the aspects of religion itself, it’s ethnicity, it’s people, and it’s concepts. People from one religion attacking the people from another one, when the sole purpose of religion is to help people in need. Every religion has it’s own Gods Yet, due to these religious conflicts thousands of people die, children get orphaned, and hopes and faith are lost. No religion promotes this, in fact, every religion was created to stop this from happening in the first place! The religious conflicts are promoted and commanded by the strong believers of their own religion. Believing a religion and believing one but not accepting any other creates a vast difference. When humans were created, they weren’t differentiated according to their religion, cast, race or gender. All were made the same and all had same rights and that includes the right to choose their own religion. Humans created all the differences. Humans created the conflicts, the wars and religion itself, and quarreling on the things you have created is not only immature but also it’s irrational, unreasonable and not to mention noxious to other fellow humans. The only religion that should be present in humans is humanity and being humane is the reason we’re considered above all other species and that is the trait we should imbibe in ourselves forever.