It was past noon and it felt as if the temperature was raising with every strike on the clock. We were walking through the corridor with hands over each other's shoulder, our faces sweating and giggling.

I neglected the heat and I was watching him as my lame jokes cracked him up in laughter. I admired how his eyes sleeked with joy.

I like how his face glows in my presence and I love how mine does in his.

It was during this moment while we were drunk on madness when we bumped into her or more precisely, she bumped into us. My face took a reddish tint at once and obviously I was not blushing whilst his face returned to its normalcy.

They shook hands as they always did, coldly from his side and tightly from hers. One could tell she was not happy with just the handshake. There had been joyous instances where she galloped on him for a hug and he just brushed her off.

Maybe, she is now learning the truth. No one knows.

The only thing I know is that I have a pretty incomprehensible disliking for her.

He doesn't dislike her but it's quite certain that he doesn't love her and that is perhaps one of the most calming facts my mind knows. She is just a casual acquaintance for him.

Sometimes, I feel bad for her because I know how it feels when you want something so dearly in your life but it just can't happen and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it.

I wish we could make people love us with the same intensity we love them but those are just wishes that the heart creates.

I have noticed how her eyes shine when she is talking to him and I have also noticed how stable and dull his eyes are,while talking to her.

Her glow shuts down at his cold response and every time it happens, something inside of me screams too.

Just now, as they are talking, I can sense it is going to happen again, he will rip off her excitement as always and I'll watch it happen indifferently while my skin will pinch me from the inside.

I never wanted to dislike her and I have tried a million times to preach my mind that it's not her fault to fall and I've failed a million times to be exact.

At a distance, I see her best friend trying her best to listen to them talking. She's a complicated one and on almost all the days, you can find her somewhere around us. Either she spies on us or she is just creepy. Whatever the case maybe, we have found ourselves in awkward situations because of her.

Till now, the heat of the afternoon was bearable but not anymore. Their presence was infuriating me. I could feel my skin singeing or maybe it was my heart. I don't know.

I stood beside them, listening to their chatter having partial enthusiasm.

“It is time”, I said to myself as I heard him wrapping up, “Now, we can fidget in peace again”, I sighed.

They exchanged a formal smile as if they were not friends but dealers and yet again, something flicked my heart.

One could simply tell by the look in her eyes that she wanted more, so much more.

I didn't like it but I didn't want to correct things either.

I wonder what she thinks of me. I talk nicely to her but I know she must have sensed I don't like talking to her.

She crosses him and gives me a sweet smile every time as if she doesn't know what's going inside my head; no one would give me a smile if they do.

I sometimes want to scream into her face that she deserves much better, she deserves the world for how kind she is yet she is wasting her time on this stone heart.

Does she realize this?

Maybe, someday, I will scream what i have kept rolled back at the back end of my tongue.

For the better, I hope she discovers it herself.

Now, she's on her way and we are on ours and I listen to him as he says,” Thank God, she's gone! ”. I want to hit him in the face but I don't, instead I smile back and pretend as if he never said that in front of me.

We carry on with our senseless talks once again as I throw the very same incident and her grim face somewhere at the back of my mind and start walking with an unnatural pulled up smile.