Every story has that one detached, sarcastic third-fourth person with no life and an excessively large nose that sticks itself into other people’s business.  In this case,  that’s me. 

Not your typical romance, was it? No,  this is a little complicated.  Or maybe not,  considering how it’s 2019 and nothing’s supposed to be complicated anymore,  everything’s  ‘chill'.  People are having relationship problems without being in relationships and making big-people decisions and here I can’t even tie my own shoelaces yet. 

So it happened that one day after class,  our hero and heroine bumped into each other on the corridors. Honestly,  I just wanted to go to my room and catch up on B99 but it doesn’t help that the girl’s my kinda best friend,  which means when she froze in the middle of the corridor, naturally,  I had to stop too. 

I rolled my eyes. 

My gaze flicked over to the dude and his ‘best friend’. Looks like we have another side character here,  who,  judging by the minute tightening of his eyes upon seeing us,  wasn’t particularly happy about this encounter.  Oh that makes two of us, son. 

“Where you headed? “ said the dude,  smiling a smile that was probably looking very charming to my best friend.  Personally,  I thought he looked a little constipated. His best friend fidgeted, clearly uncomfortable, crossed his arms and looked away. The dude slid his hands into his pockets, “New haircut.  Looks great. “

Oh no,  come on.  

She fluttered beside me,  I could practically hear the hitch in her breath.  My eyes wanted to do another roll but I forced them to stay put.  “I—um—thank you. We were just heading to the library... “

Say what now? 

The conversation continued,  I tuned them out.  Despite my obvious overflowing excitement at their exchange, I was bothered as well.  The chat was pointless,  an obligation.  Whatever attraction they might’ve had still sizzled under the surface, well, more from one than the other, but neither of them would acknowledge it or work on it.  She might’ve,  but he decided he had other priorities.  It should end there,  should it not?  Stop at this point,  because they’ll never be friends, they can only be ‘friends'. That’s like broccoli—extremely unhealthy. He flirts,  he does so unashamedly,  even though he did mention not wanting to lead her on and hurt her.  Hmmmm.  Where did all that go,  oh precious prince? 

I huffed to show my displeasure,  but she failed to notice.  Her attraction to him was blatant, his was well hidden, if it was at all there. She was a kill ‘em with kindness kinda person, he seemed to be conscientious but also not. All well and good honey but if you fall in love with this frog I swear to all my comic books—

“Hey we should be going. “ I heard the other side character say.  My eyes fixed on him again and his tense posture and clenched jaw and it was like a bubble popped in my head. My mouth probably dropped to form a surprised ‘oh! ‘. He smiled tightly.  “Class soon.”

“Ah,  yeah. “ said the playboy prince. My bff deflated a little.  “Catch you later! I’ll text ya.“ he clapped his hand on his best friend's back,  standing closer than I’d expected; one’s eyes lighting up in wistfulness,  one plainly oblivious to everything, even, it seemed, his own feelings. “See you guys. “

He tossed me a nod.  I didn’t react,  just watch them go,  arm around each other’s shoulders,  laughing jovially. 

“He’s not going to text, is he.“ she muttered,  turning around.  I simply sighed and dragged us off to our rooms. 

I cannot predict how this story will end.  Maybe our frog prince will figure out he’s bisexual and have a go at his best friend. Or maybe he’s going to come to his senses and see he’s losing what could be a chance at an amazing relationship and grow the pair needed to just man up and work towards her.  

I don’t see it happening,  to be honest.  Books are books.  Reality is reality.  Times have changed and so have people.  Love is important but it’s not the most important thing.  We have so many things to prioritize first:  careers and  studies and in my case,  food,  so where do relationships go in this list? Rock bottom,  like my marks. It’s sad if you think about it. 

So as my best friend dragged her feet back to the hostel and I made sure she didn’t get hit by any passing cars in her stupor,  the ending remained unclear.  For now,  it’s goodbye.  Who knows,  maybe a year later...