The campus life, a romance for all

Has gone again, a thing of past

The routine, schedule, lecture hall,

All faded forever, fast.

Bag and baggage in a deluxe coach

Alone, along the highway right

The diesel machine made a terrible stride

Past the palaces, it was such a ride.


Steering down the Western Ghats

I reached, at last, the land of streams

where cascades sounded from the deep

Rushing down from craggy steep.


Where coconut grooves grow thick and fast

On hills and plains near the waters vast

Luxuriant, green and lively with the breeze

Where rural folks pull on with ease.


Where my mind was refreshed, and I was back;

Back from being a depressed soul to being myself.

I learned to laugh at little things;

Little things that made me happy.

I was tired of being sick of my life.


I finally found my soul.

Every time I go there, I feel like I’m born again

Heavenly was the path; memorable was the journey,

Peaceful was my soul; blissful was the experience!