I never used to believe in angels and demons until I sawsomething one day with my own eyes. Yes it was a long time ago, I was a child andthen one day something happened that made me question my beliefs. It was apeaceful night and as usual I was lying on my bed with lights off. Some lightcame in through the window and that made me comfortable. While my eyes wereclose some streak of light fell on my eyes that grabbed the attention of thegrey cells of my brain and I was awake the very next moment. I jumped out of mybed to search for the golden light that fell on my eyes momentarily. I rantowards the window and scanned the street below. I couldn’t see anything and Iknew that the light wasn’t from a car. It was something else that I have neverencountered before. While peeping out of the window screens my caughtsomething. It was a dark figure of some man. There was something in his handand it was like a carry bag. Suddenly his eyes lit with a light blue glow andhe was staring right at me. I was frightened and closed the screens andcrouched below the window. I sat there for some time and then grabbed up myguts to look back to the streets.  I wasfrightened but curious at the same time.

I had never seen anything like this before and I didn’t wantto miss something like this.

So I looked back.


The dark figure had started walking away from my house. Thistime I saw, he had a lantern in his hand that was glowing golden just like theflash of light that I saw earlier. Well, guess what? I swiftly but silentlysneaked out of the house and went to the streets. I saw the light of thelantern taking a turn at the end of the street and ran to follow it. I wasalmost at the turn when I saw that the lantern had taken another turn toanother street. I again ran towards it. The man walked straight along the roadand I followed him with a proper distance so that he doesn’t catch mefollowing. And we walked past many buildings and alleys. It was all awkwardly silentand still. I could hear my breath and my heavily beating heart was thumpinghard in my ears.

Suddenly the man stopped and tilted his head sideward andsaid something. I quickly hid behind a tree. I couldn’t understand what hesaid. Neither did I understand why I wasfollowing him. While I was in midst of my thoughts two humanly figures withhoods that hid most of their face came to him from different directions. Theystood still for a moment and then what happened totally blew my mind.

I was still hiding behind the tree, when I saw one of thethree raise his arms. Slowly the clouds scattered in the sky and moonlight fellwhere the three of them stood. It seemed that he was chanting something underhis breath. Then suddenly they started to glow. And gradually they all unveiledtheir wings. Yes they had wings. Oneof them had golden coloured , another one had blue and other one has flamecoloured wings.

A thunderbolt from the sky fell right between the three ofthem and then something dropped from the sky so hard that I almost fell. Itrose high. It had fiery wings and warm breath. I could feel its breath. Itseyes were cold but calm. The three of them bowed to it. The asked them tostand. Then it said,” Wake up Artemis”. I was so afraid at that time. How didit know my name. Then it looked straight into my eyes and his shone so hardthat it blinded my eyes and all I could see was white light everywhere. But itsvoice echoed,”Wake up”.

I opened my eyes. It was morning sunlight coming rightthrough my window. My mom was there beside my bed. She was furious now. Shescreamed at me. “ Wake up Artemis! You will miss school!!”.

What? I too never believe that it was a dream. The Thingwanted me to wake up. He called my name!! What does it wanted me to do. I stilldon’t know, and I still wonder.

Anyway I never slept alone after the incident till I reachedhigh school. I never even opened the door of the house after 7. I was afraid.You would be too if you encounter something like this. Three unusual man withglowing wings and some unearthly body dropping down right at front of you andcalling your name and asking to wake up, it is scary. It is certainly…….scary.