Dear Ex-Bestfriend


When I think of us, the first memory that flashes across my mind is that of us sitting in the staircase near the school Library, laughing heartily to some ridiculous joke that one of us (probably I) cracked.


6 years of friendship - all the laughs, fights, memories and tears gone in the snap of a finger.


I still remember how we became friends - over competitive badminton matches in evening games and discussing school gossip on bus rides back home. You brought me out of my shell and saw me for who I truly was and accepted me for it.  You taught me all that friendship is about, but more importantly what it is not about. You taught me how to love and completely accept someone for who they are, without  the least bit of judgement. You taught me loyalty and how to have someone's back (though you stabbed mine).


Cutting you out from my life was one of the hardest decisions I had to make. But it had to be done. Our friendship was turning toxic. 


You always had a sharp tongue and a short temper. I think, for two people who knew each other so well that we could finish each other's sentences, we never fully understood each other's anger. You want to know why this friendship ended? Two words.


Your ego.


After you, I promised myself that I will never let my ego come into any of my relationships. Your ego, killed this friendship more than any of the words you said to me when you were angry or the things you did with the intention of "protecting me". I realized what betrayal looks like and feels like, thanks to you.


I am not angry anymore. Not really. But I haven't yet forgiven you yet. I hope I can one day.  Not for you, but for me. So that I can feel lighter. I don't hate you, I don't think I really can. But I am indifferent to your existence now.


I really do mean it when I say, I hope you have a good life. Maybe, one day if our paths cross once again when we are more mature, we can sit down for a cup of coffee and reminisce over happier days.


Yours sincerely,

The one that walked away.