I wish that time would slow down for a while,

And the world would go on a standby.

Atleast for a few more moments than what time usually allows,

So that we could dwell in our special moments indefinitely.

I know that change is necessary for growth and that everything happens for a reason,

But I'm happy with the way things are right now.

Why don't good things last forever?

I don't just want my moments as memories, but I want to live them as my reality!

Why is everything changing so fast?

I love the way I am with you,

And how we constantly trouble each other but enjoy it at the same time.

It's beautiful how two ordinarily imperfect people who are the exact opposites of each other in almost every aspect, 

Fit so perfectly well and complement one another only to make all their moments extra-ordinary.

I see people walk past me while I wish for the universe to come to a stand-still,

I see the upcoming challenges and opportunities which I need to grab.

'Life goes on' is what they say, and so shall I with my dreams and quests,

But I wish that somethings never changed..

That those somethings were my constant,

No matter wherever I went.