What do you feel when the day glorifies into the dusk?
Do you see the start to an end,
Or the arrival to a new beginning,
While awaiting the dawn?
Do you crave for the peaceful dusk too,
After the darkest of nights and the brightest of days?
Or is it a time you use to walk alone and free with your head bowed down,
for no one else to see your fears, emotions and defeat?
Have you seen the different colours and forms of twilight as it eases into the nightfall? 
From the orange of a sunset, to the purple of dusk,
and to the pitch black of night and nothingness,
Which one do you choose?
Do the different colours signify our different definitions of dusk ,
Or maybe....... life?
Don't you have a special dusk, which you seek to remove your armor.
And let the tides of your feelings and emotions wash over you for a moment?
Aren't we blessed with the gift of perspective in a world constantly evolving and testing  us?
The perspective of choosing and defining our dusk,
the perspective of allowing no one, but only the dusk to see you so vulnerable..

What's your dusk?