I am going to take you on a small tour to Kashi I.e. Varanasi and share about one of the most influential person in my life. If you think that the street scene in India is crazy, then in Varanasi it is wild. Kashi is famous for its temples , ghats, street food and streets(galis). The concept of Tower of Hanoi was originated in Kashi Vishwanath temple. Mark Twain says it all: "Benaras is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend and looks twice as old as all of them put together". No other town in India, except Varanasi can explain how the olden cities were designed.  It is a place where the pure water of river Ganges drifts. It is the only city which has got ghats in an unequalled and unparalleled style. The children over there learn to swim at a very small age as they are free to swim in the Ganga river. Food style in varanasi is unique in the whole world, the banarasi paan, lassi ,thandai with bhaang, etc. Kachori and jalebi is the delicious breakfast over there. A lot of people living in different cities from all over the world visit Varanasi. Some foreigners come there for their education in BHU and some to explore Varanasi's rich heritage, the traditions and some who have a keen eye to watch our country's local culture, habitat and daily life style or just to enjoy the aura of the Ganga aarti. They find it so satisfying that they continue to come. Banarasi sarees are famous world wide. It's a city where you can know more about spirituality and at the same time about the modern life. It's more like wearing traditional attire over sports shoes.
Now,  I would like to share about one of the most influential person on earth, who is none other than Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. I am his great follower and always wished to meet him once in a lifetime. My school gave me this golden opportunity. Dr. APJ ABDUL KALAM visited our school in the year 2010. He gave a wonderful speech and finally I could hear his words live. I was sitting just infront of him . I felt very ecststic. I was surprised with the way he presented himself. I was surprised how friendly he was. I was surprised how much he loved children. His saying " Creativity is seeing the same thing but thinking differently" influences me a lot and I try to implement it in each second of my life.

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