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Many Hollywood action movie franchises will come and go like The Fast & Furious, The James Bond, The Dark Knight, Taken franchise, Die hard franchise to name a few. So, among all the action movies the movie franchise which standouts from the rest of action movies is the Mission Impossible series. So “Your mission should you choose to accept it, is to read the blog and find out why Mission Impossible series is the best”

Whenever any of the movies start the first thing which I wonder is how is Ethan Hunt going to get his instructions?, the instruments through which Ethan Hunt gets his instructions for his mission is very innovative, like getting a message through a camera in the third film or using a record player in Rogue Nation or through a bible in Fallout. It never fails to surprise me. But the moment you hear “Your mission should you choose to accept it”, I know that your in for a ride.

Then the technology used in the films is quite next level,like getting the CCTV feed on a booklet to guide Ethan Hunt or using hand print to open the car lock, using voice commands to control the car, receiving a call on a simple pair of spectacles, USB in a lipstick or gun in a flute to name a few. Like the most the common daily items are converted to something amazing.

The next and the most exciting thing which takes this franchise to a different level are the stunts in the movie. The stunts are real so there is no CGI or green screens, and the fact that all the stunts in the film are done by the actors themselves makes the movie more real and worth watching. Every time I see the new trailer of any of these movies I imagine “What has Tom Cruise come up this time around?” and as always he exceeds my expectations. After every passing movie he has taken the level of action to a whole new level. A few of my favorite stunts from these movies are – Tom Cruise hanging on the outside of The Burj Khalifa in Dubai in Ghost Protocol, hanging outside a plane in Rogue Nation and the helicopter chase sequence in Fallout. I feel that Tom Cruise after every movie is like “I have hung around Burj Khalifa, that was not dangerous enough let me try hanging outside a plane”. But I have to admire the dedication, hard work and most importantly the fitness level of this actor. He is just proving that age is no bar for following your passion. I just hope that he never stops making such amazing movies. Moreover, this guy has been an inspiration for me and I try to imbibe his dedication towards his work, hard work to achieve success and following ones passion irrespective of one's age. 

The one thing which I learnt from the franchise that Ethan Hunt has got a very loyal and dedicated team. The teamwork shown by each of his teammates is unbelievable. Every time he or any of his teammates are in trouble the others will put everything that they have in them to save their lives.Maybe that is the reason they make the impossible mission possible with such ease. This is something that I feel we should imbibe in us that while working in a team we should have our teammates back and help them whenever they are in trouble, only then our common goal can be achieved with relative ease.