It’s not just about laying awake at midnight, thinking about how worthless your life has boiled down to being.
Feeling like all of Hell’s demons have taken up residence in your mind ,weighing down every step you take.  
Every day dragging , counting down the moments when you can embrace the silence again.
No , Mental illnesses aren’t just about that.
It’s about getting through the days, weeks and months with a plastered smile ,ending up making even yourself believe it’s true. When the niggling thought that the people in the vicinity acknowledge and judge your presence and every movement, every action. For the worse.
When sometimes, the impulses don’t stay away, that dark , dark voice that urges the worst of the worst for the smallest concern.
          There are millions of people around the world dealing with this debilitating pain inside them and yet,striving to lead the normal life they wished and dreamed of for themselves.People who rise above their indisposition and celebrate every day that passesby as a victory to their name.
To every soul out there fighting their own battles, you are not alone.
World Mental Health Day 2018 – The day the world should acknowledge and understand that we are now #NotAshamed.